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The history of this renowned ensemble goes back to 1970.

At first the ensemble was a part of State TV and Radio Company of the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic

as a vocal group with supporting instruments.Later the composition of the group began to change as

young people joined it.The group began to play jazz-rock tightly intertwined with the Oriental tradition.

Gunesh' has always been in the process of reforming and was one of the first and best to organically

combine the similar principles of the melodious improvisation on traditional mugams and jazz improvisation.

The unexpectedly beautiful arrangements appeared,and polyrhythmic compositions with odd measure were

further developed thematically.All this was appraised at the Moscow competition 'With a Song on the Life'

in 1977,where the ensemble became a prize-winner.The Organising Committee of the Festival 'Spring Rhythms'

in Tbilisi (1980) named Rishad Shafi the best drummer,and Stanislav Morozov the best saxophonist.

That same year group released their first LP with 'Melodiya' with traditional variety songs in jazz-rock arrangement.

The second disc,'Looking at the Earth',more in line with the group's style,was released by 'Melodiya' four years

later.The crowds of music fans in many cities and towns of the big country were rushing to get these discs.

On the CDs 'Rishad Shafi presents "Gunesh' are compositions recorded at various times,the versions of

which were real eased by 'Melodiya' on the two aforementioned LPs, which have become collectors' items

from the moment their appearance.These CDs released by the 'Boheme Music' Company.

'Gunesh' was prize-winner of the All-Union Competition of Pop Music and Songs in Yerevan(1981) and of

the international competition 'Asia Dausy' in Alma Ata (1988).The ensemble took part in jazz festivals in

many cities.It was a guest of honour at the 'Golden Orpheus' in Bulgaria and 'Zielona Gura' in Poland.

It has toured the countries of Eastern Europe,Mongolia,Laos,Vietnam,China,Afghanistan,Turkey,Senegal,

China,Mozambique,Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde Islands.

During the ensemble's life its composition has been changed several times.

Some 65 musicians in total were its members.

Since 1975 Stanislav Morozov (tenor sax,fl,comp,arrang.)played in the group.

Jusif Aliev (pos), Alexander Stasjukevich (tr), Shamil Kurmanov (tr), Sabir Risaev (sax), Wladimir Belousov (bs),

Stepan Stepanjanz(key,synth)

Rishad Shafi (dr), Michael Logunzov (git), Willy Albrecht (key).



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